Leiderschap Ontwikkeling Training

Beter leidinggeven? Deze training helpt!

Business coaching is for (new) entrepreneurs, startups and grownups and managers looking for a sparringpartner. As manager or entrepreneur you are often confronted with difficult choices and a clear strategy is key. Besides this entrepreneurship can feel lonely and exhaust you sometimes. I help you with making these choices, with getting maximum focus and energy and with obtaining fun and balance in your work (and life). Do you want to show more or less leadership? Let your colleagues more or less free? All subjects we can discuss. 

Business coaching is also for people doubting to start as entrepreneur and would like to find out if they want to go for it. I have raised several companies and experienced the challenges of starting and the ups and downs of being entrepreneur. Did you know that 80% of the working people doubts about starting for themselves? Please read this short article I wrote about starting your own business (its in Dutch). 

Veel voorkomende onderwerpen binnen business coaching:

"I was referred to the Sparringpartner for a sparring session. This exceeded my expectations and after the session all my problems and doubts where solved. Thanks Bram! Now I know how to grow further!"
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Koen Matas | Founder HopJob
Business Coaching