Training courses

Training courses
The sparring partner offers various tailor-made training courses, always with the intention to allow employees to grow. It is also possible to combine training with coaching.

The Leadership training is specifically intended for managers who want to improve their leadership qualities. Components in this training are coaching leadership, communication, leading and inspiring, delegating, team development and dealing with conflict.

This training can be perfectly combined with coaching.

Personal Leadership
This training is suitable for everyone and contains a mix of theory and themes to (re)gain control over your own life and job. After attending this training, you have learned to feel good without reason, how to deal with your qualities and weaknesses, what good communication is, how to take control and how to deal with your (working) environment.

This training is very suitable to combine with the motives analysis

The ‘Influencing’ training focuses on getting more done according to your wishes. It is part of leadership and important in every job. `How do you get something done by someone else, without using force?’ During this training the employee learns everything about communication, personal contact, focus on the goal and he or she gets acquainted with various strategies of influencing.

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