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Training courses
The Sparringpartner offers various tailor-made training courses, always with the intention to allow employees to grow. It is also possible to combine training with coaching. Below you’ll find some examples of trainings the Sparringpartner can give. You can also hire the Sparringparter as freelance trainer for your company.

Coaching Leadership
The Coaching Leadership training is specifically intended for managers who want to improve their leadership qualities. Components in this training are coaching leadership, communication, leading and inspiring, delegating, team development and dealing with conflict. This training can be perfectly combined with coaching.

For this training I work together with NONONS.

Personal Leadership
This training is suitable for everyone and contains a mix of theory and themes to (re)gain control over your own life and job. After attending this training, you have learned to feel good without reason, how to deal with your qualities and weaknesses, what good communication is, how to take control and how to deal with your (working) environment.

This training is very suitable to combine with the motives analysis.

Difficult Conversations & Feedback
Giving and receiving feedback is not easy. We fear the reaction of the other, or we overdo the feedback. Both situations might lead to conflict or a lack of clarity. When you are able to give feedback in a way that the other actually listens to you, it will make you (and your team) much more effective. This training is also very suitable for onboarding of managers and trainees.

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