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Career Coaching

DeSparring kopie


HR Manager

“I doubted my current job for 2 years, but didn’t dare to take the step towards self-employment. Now I’m self-employed and that feels great! Bram showed me how to look at what I really want, because usually you already know that from the inside and continuing with something you dislike costs a lot of energy.”

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Jonas van Wees

HR Auditor, Top Employers Institute

“I look back with a lot of pleasure at the coaching sessions with Bram about which career suits me and if my current job matches with that. He helped me with this decision making and helped me to chose for something that fits me better. I took this step and it feels much better now. Because of Bram as my coach I found more focus and via the sessions and exercises I’ve found the patience, energy and grip again.

Bram is a great listener, understanding, patient and tracks down the underlying issues that kept me away from action.
I definitely recommend Bram as a coach to everyone that need control and want more focus in his or her life.”

sarah schonberger

Sarah Schönberger

Business Development, DELL

“The Profile Dynamics driving factors analysis gave me insight in what drives and motivates me and in what work environment I fit best. Making the right decision for my career has become much easier!”

Business Coaching

thijs maalderink

Thijs Maalderink

Founder Maalder Media & SMMA School

“The return of investment (a coach is an investment) was already after two sessions. Bram learned me how to think creative, be patient, and helped me with new ideas for both my startup and already existing company. Two birds with one stone!
I’ve met with Bram when I was starting my own Social Media Marketing Agency School. Via the Pak An Foundation I got introduced to Bram and we matched directly. Bram is open and honest in his feedback and checks where he can coach you to move forward. With an open mind and his business sense Bram has been a ‘flywheel’ for me, and a motivator!

koen matas hopjob

Koen Matas

Owner HopJob

“I was referred to de Sparringpartner for a sparring session. This exceeded my expectations and after the session all my problems and doubts where solved. Thanks Bram! Now I know how to grow further!”

Koen Middeldorp

Koen Middeldorp

Owner Gobi Amsterdam

“Bram feels really well with subject needs (more) attention. In a confronting but pleasant way he holds up a mirror which has helped me a lot as entrepreneur.”

roy van delft

Roy van Delft


“I see Bram a few times per year. He is patient and gets me thinking.”

Life Coaching

DeSparring kopie

Maartje Smeets

Caregiver Leger des Heils

“Bram is really interested and because of his active listening and good questions I was able to manage and understand my thoughts. Via a small exercise which I could finish from home I managed to answer some important life questions. I’m still very happy with it!”

DeSparring kopie


Photographer & Marketing Manager

“A coaching trajectory helps, but you need to find the right coach! I have learned a lot from Bram in a short period. Where a psychologist only listen to your pain points, Bram helped me with tips and tricks to fix these. A new world opened up for me!”

DeSparring kopie


IT Manager

“Bram’s way of coaching is personal without being afraid to ask confronting questions. For me it was definitely a good investment in myself.”

DeSparring kopie



“Bram has a very warm coaching style and helped me getting a better work-life balance. I recommend Bram as coach!”

DeSparring kopie


Hotel Manager

“Bram was able to summarize my problems and that helped creating overview in my head. Thereafter the conversations helped me to stop worrying.”


profile dynamics consultant

Profile Dynamics®

Drijfveren Analyses

I’m working as Profile Dynamics consultant and I’m certified to take driving factor analyses.

Profile Dynamics® has developed a method based on a scientific model for organizations and people that want to know and understand the drivers of themselves or their staff. With this knowledge, you can do more of the things that you’re good at and that energize you. As a result, your performance will improve naturally.

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Loopbaan & Persoonlijke Coaching

I’m working as coach and trainer for EmployabilityFirst.

EmployabilityFirst is a coaching and training agency that focuses on millennials, startups & scaleups.


AI Startup Incubator

Business Coaching & Leadership Training

AI Startup Incubator is a company from Prague that helps startups within Europe focusing on artificial intelligence with their business development and connect them to investors. 

As mentor & coach I’m helping theses startups with personal & business coaching. When the company grows, also leadership development comes into place.  

logo pakan

Stichting Pak An

Business & Persoonlijke Coaching

I’m working as business coach for the Pak An Foundation since March 2019 where I coach entrepreneurs with the start or development of their company.

Pak An is established in May 2016 bij Grolsch and de Feestfabriek. The goal of the foundation is to collect ideas that contribute to the future of the Achterhoek region.