Coaching is an investment in yourself and your future!

If you are ready for growth and (personal) development and open to be coached, it is definitely an investment in yourself, your career and your future. 

Coaching can be reimbursed via several ways. Read more about it at the bottom of this page.

leiderschaps training coaching traject
  • Rates private individual & freelance
    Intake (60 min.) is free and without obligation
    On average there are 5 sessions needed
    A session takes 1 to 1.5 hour
  • Personal Coaching
    €99 per session
  • Business Coaching
    €99 per session
  • Career trajectory
    Clear career strategy in 5 sessions
    Optional: Driving Factors Analysis for €100,- (worth €200,-)
    €99,- per single session
  • Driving Factors Analysis
    €200 per report + analysis
    €160 as part of a coaching trajectory
  • Coaching within companies
    Please ask here for custom made proposal
  • Please be aware that a planned coaching session can be rescheduled at least two working days in advance. After that the session will be charged.​

Ways to reimburse coaching

Tax deductible – Usually coaching is tax deductible as ‘educational expenses’. To claim this, there has to be a connection with income acquisition and/or an improvement at the job market. Please inform your accountant or visite the website of the Dutch Tax Authorities
Collective Labour Agreement – In most collective labour agreements coaching is included as part of development or educational budget. Please consult your (HR) manager.
Self-employed – You can declare coaching as operation costs when it’s relevant for your company or job. 

"Bram's way of coaching is personal without being afraid to ask confronting questions. For me it was definitely a good investment in myself."
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