Driving Factors Analysis

Driving Factors Analysis

Driving Factors Analysis of Profile Dynamics® is a powerful tool that provides insight into the intrinsic motives of the employee and shows what his or her preferences are in terms of function and tasks. 

It also says something about the leadership style that suits the employee, the way of working together and how difficult or easy the employee can adapt to changes. Finally, it shows which (working) environment gives the employee energy and in which type of environment he or she loses energy (energy balance).

Below you can see an example of a Driving Factors Analysis.

In short
The analysis helps you to align the characteristics and wishes of the employee with the possibilities and needs of the organization. It also gives a clear insight to align teams and even departments.

In many cases, a Driving Factors Analysis can be useful as the starting point of a personal or team coaching conversation.

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"The Profile Dynamics driving factors analysis gave me insight in what drives and motivates me and in what work environment I fit best."
Sarah Schönberger
UX Designer, ABN AMRO

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