Personal Driving Factors

Indentify your personal driving factors? Motivated people make the difference!

The Personal Driving Factors analysis from Profile Dynamics gives insights in your driving factors and shows in what (work or study) environment you will get energy and where you will lose energy.

By filling out a simple questionnaire, which will take around 20-30 minutes, your driving factors will be measured and processed into a personal profile. In a personal conversation I will elaborate on this report. My experience is that this leads to valuable and useful insights for your career and personal development. 

This analysis is useful for everyone that is looking for more insights in their personal driving factors, want to identify which work or study environment suits best, or wants to work on personal leadership and/or development. A Driving Factors analysis can also be useful for entrepreneurs and companies to develop their optimal team or management and can be used by job applications.

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The Personal Driving Factors Analysis gives insights in:

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"The Profile Dynamics driving factors analysis gave me insight in what drives and motivates me and in what work environment I fit best. Making the right decision for my career has become much easier!"
Sarah Schönberger
Business Development

- Certified coach -