My working method
People describe me and my approach as: Empathetic, honest and open, positive and goal oriented.  I love to see somebody grow as person, employee or entrepreneur. ‘Feeling good’ is so important that it is a waste of time when you don’t or when for instance insecurity or worrying is in the way.

I make use of several coaching techniques like NLP, TA, Voice Dialogue and solution oriented coaching. Usually a trajectory takes 5 sessions, in order to reach the goal we have set upfront. My motto is: 

“Try everyday, to do a little bit more that you like and a little bit less that you don’t like”. 

The first step to take is planning an intake. The goal of the intake is to get acquainted and to discuss your challenge(s) or question(s). The intake is free of charge and non-obligatory. During the intake I will propose an approach and estimate the number of sessions we will need. If you decide to move forward with the trajectory, we will plan our first coach session.