Effective leadership

You as leader
Many leaders got their role as manager more or less automatically. Because you have the most experience, are ‘the best’ employee of the team or because the company expands. But what does this say about your leadership skills? Not much!

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Managers do have 3 roles
As a manager you will have a lot of responsibilities based on 3 roles: The leader role, the manager role and the coaching role. Each person has it’s own preferences mostly based on their character. That means that most leaders also lack one or two roles. 

‘Effective Leadership’ in 6 sessions
The coaching trajectory ‘effective leadership’ is for every leader/manager that wants to grow in their role and become more effective. We’ll start the trajectory with a Profile Dynamics analysis, to discuss where your motivation and energy comes from and where the motivation and energy possibly leaks.
Thereafter we will discuss relevant theories and models and you will get practical exercises for in between the sessions. You learn by doing! After this trajectory you will be (and feel) a way more effective leader and this will benefit you and the team for sure! 

I’ve trained leaders for YoungCapital, Randstad, Zeelandia, Gemeente Amstelveen, TWD and Optiver. 

"Bram is a wise man. A coach who knows how to touch me very well and has given me a great deal of knowledge and insights in the field of leadership. For someone like me, who is naturally more focused on the content side of his advisory work, it has proved to be very valuable lessons. Both for this and for any subsequent phases in my career."