Coaching employees

Coaching employees
The Sparringpartner offers coaching on themes that make employees function better both at work and in their private lives. Think of work-life balance, communication, learning to say ‘no’, giving presentations, self-confidence, assertiveness, work pressure, leadership and other relevant themes. 

The coaching is very suitable for employees, along with an external person, to work on recurring themes, enhancing both effectiveness and job satisfaction.

In consultation with the employer, we draw up a coaching program, completely tailored to the client’s needs. As a certified coach, I also offer the possibility of completing a Profile Dynamics® Motives analysis, including an analysis of the internal motives and energy balance, which is usually an excellent start to a coaching program. Also, a 3-way consultation with the employee, HR/manager and the coach is possible. 

The result
The results of coaching are impressive for both employee and employer. The removal of obstacles often gives more pleasure in work, better mutual relationships, less tension and more effectiveness. 

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Bram Roelink: Certified coach. Reed more about me
“Bram is a wise man. A coach who knows how to touch me very well and has given me a great deal of knowledge and insights in the field of leadership. For someone like me, who is naturally more focused on the content side of his advisory work, it has proved to be very valuable lessons. Both for this and for any subsequent phases in my career.”

- Certified coach -