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Coaching will be in my practice in Amsterdam or online via Zoom

Career coaching is for everyone that doubts their current career. The current career possibilities are endless and that can cause uncertainty: Do I want to be self-employed, work less hours, go for something new or get confirmed that you are on the right track? Maybe you are looking for more happiness and balance in your career, but you don’t know how. Let me help you explore what your future and happiness looks like. 

Around 70% of the people in the Netherlands do not like their current jobs. But most of the people stay where they are due to fear, financial risks or not knowing what to they like better. Career coaching can help to get more clarity in this. Via conversations and exercises we discuss your career path, your dreams, your values, your minimum conditions, your talents, feasibility and the potential obstructive feelings that you experience. 

Career coaching costs €120,- per session (1-1.5 hours). A full career coach trajectory including 5 sessions (1-1.5 hours) costs €550,-. 
Optional: A Profile Dynamics® driving factors analysis.

These costs are in most cases deductible. Feel free to ask about the options during the free intake. 

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Common topics for career coaching are:

“I look back with a lot of pleasure at the coaching sessions with Bram about which career suits me and if my current job matches with that. He helped me with this decision making and helped me to chose for something that fits me better.."
Jonas van Wees
Research Project Manager

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