Burnout Coaching

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Burnout coaching is for everyone who is close to or recovering from a burnout and want to look forward with more inner power. We will work on ways to break through repetitive behavior and to control your personal limits which will lead to more balance and happiness in your work and life.

Examples of frequent themes around burnout coaching are: Finding it difficult to say ‘no’ / Worrying / Leading a (too) busy life / Perfectionism / Feeling insecure / Experiencing too much stress

Working method Burnout Coaching

A burnout coaching trajectory starts with a no obligatory, free of charge intake. During this intake we discuss your current situation, your challenges and your goal(s). You decide if you want to start a coaching trajectory together.

Burnout coaching trajectory
Via conversations and some exercises we will try to find the balance between what you can do and what your environments asks from you: Balancing burden and capacity.
We will look at your personality, your psychical and mental health and what characteristics and situations might trigger a burnout for you. Thereafter we will work on your personal growth to eliminate these triggers and make them irrelevant.
Most coaching trajectories take around 5 sessions. For burnout coaching this might be more, due to the fact that a burnout is affecting all parts of your life and needs a more holistic approach.

The coaching sessions will take place at my practice in Amsterdam (West), close to the beautiful Jordaan, or I can come to your office.

"Bram have helped me focusing on my own needs, in stead of continuously willing to satisfy others. This made me a stronger person and my working life became fun! Coaching was a big step to take for me, but it helped me a lot!"

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