Welcome! I'm Bram Roelink
Trainer & Coach in Amsterdam
NOBCO & NLP registered


Become more effective and happier in your (working) life!

1 on 1 Coaching

Personal Development

Personal Development or Personal Leadership is about taking charge over your life, career or for instance relationship. You can think of work-life balance, communication, stress, entrepreneurship and assertiveness.
I work with companies, freelancers and private individuals.

1 on 1 Coaching


Lead people in a more effective way, for starting or experienced managers. In this trajectory we will discuss well known leadership models and discuss your pitfalls and qualities as manager in order to lead in a more effective and assertive way. You'll grow as manager and your team grows with you.


Training & Workshops

The Sparringpartner offers tailor-made training courses and can be hired as freelancer trainer. Leadership development, communication, giving feedback and teambuilding are subjects that I work a lot with.
Get the team (and the individuals) going!


Driving Factors Analysis

Driving Factors Analysis of Profile Dynamics® is a powerful tool that provides insight into the intrinsic motives and energy balance of employee(s) and leaders and shows what their preferences are in terms of function and tasks. This tool can be useful for both teams and individuals.

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About me

Bram Roelink

My name is Bram Roelink and I am working as coach and trainer with a practice in Amsterdam. I help (young) professionals, entrepreneurs, teams and companies develop. Areas that I focus on are, among other things, personal leadership, leadership and communication.

I offer personal coaching, team trainings, workshops and Driving Factors Analysis. 

People describe me and my approach as: Empathetic, honest and open, positive and goal oriented

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sarah schonberger

Sarah Schönberger | Business Development

Career Coaching

“The Profile Dynamics driving factors analysis gave me insight in what drives and motivates me and in what work environment I fit best. Making the right decision for my career has become much easier!”

Jonas picture

Jonas van Wees | HR Auditor

Career coaching

“I look back with a lot of pleasure at the coaching sessions with Bram about which career suits me and if my current job matches with that. He helped me with this decision making and helped me to chose for something that fits me better.. read more

koen matas hopjob

Koen Matas | Founder HopJob

Business Coaching

“I was referred to de Sparringpartner for a sparring session. This exceeded my expectations and after the session all my problems and doubts where solved. Thanks Bram! Now I know how to grow further!”

Marcel Blijlevens | Client Lead

Leadership coaching

Bram is a coach who knows how to touch me very well and has given me a great deal of knowledge and insights in the field of leadership.
For someone like me, who is naturally more focused on the content side of his advisory
work, it has proved to be very valuable lessons. Both for this and for any subsequent phases in my career.”

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