Welcome! I'm Bram Roelink
NOBCO & NLP registered coach


I can help you with
more happiness & growth
in your life

Where can I help you with?

Personal Coaching

Are you looking for personal development and ready for the next positive step in your life? My passion is to help you with struggles or challenges you experience and want to get rid of or improve.

Business Coaching

For (starting) entrepreneurs and managers it could be valuable to share your challenges with somebody that understands your position. Together we can work on your growth and as an objective outsider I can be your sparringpartner.

Career Coaching

Not sure if you are following the right career path or following your heart? Are you looking for a new challenge? I'm happy to help you finding your passion, talent and get more clearance about your future.

personal business career coach
About me

Bram Roelink

You are looking for change in your life! You want to get more out of your life, career or company, or maybe you are looking for more happiness, a better balance and less worrying. Now you are searching for help.

It’s my passion to help you with these challenges as fulltime coach and trainer in Amsterdam. People describe me and my approach as: Empathetic, honest and open, positive and goal oriented. The sessions take place in my coach practice in Amsterdam West and if desired at your (work) location.

Feel free to contact me! Also if you have any doubts if coaching is helpful for you.

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What others experienced

sarah schonberger

Sarah Schönberger | Business Development

Profile Dynamics Driving Factors Analysis

“The Profile Dynamics driving factors analysis gave me insight in what drives and motivates me and in what work environment I fit best. Making the right decision for my career has become much easier!”

DeSparring kopie

Lianne | Schoolteacher

personal coaching

“Bram has a very warm coaching style and helped me getting a better work-life balance. I recommend Bram as coach!”

koen matas hopjob

Koen Matas | Founder HopJob

Business Coaching

“I was referred to de Sparringpartner for a sparring session. This exceeded my expectations and after the session all my problems and doubts where solved. Thanks Bram! Now I know how to grow further!”

roy van delft

Roy van Delft | Ondernemer

Business coaching

“I see Bram a few times per year. He is patient and gets me thinking.”

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